WeddingsChoosing a venue for a wedding celebration - one of the most important decisions that you must take in order to make your wedding the most vivid and memorable event in your life ! Luxury site for registration and on-site restaurant complex "Riviera Park" offers to plunge into the story, here celebrating your triumph !

Wedding coordinator : 600-618
Organization of children's eventsChildren's holiday - it is the whole world! And so we invite children to "Riviera Park", where everyone can find something for everyone , learn something new and get positive emotions!
Children's tours , birthday parties , theme parties , sports equipment rental , trampolining town «JUMP», Pool , foam disco , sports grounds and many other exciting entertainment!

TransferWe offer our guests arrival and departure , as well as the shuttle bus.
Passenger car or bus to your hotel .
Restaurant "Riviera"Restaurant "Riviera" will give an unforgettable gastronomic experience .
The combination of a wide variety of Russian and Mediterranean cuisine , live music and excellent service will make visiting the "Riviera" restaurant a real pleasure.
Conduction of banquets, weddings , celebrations , receptions , corporate events , coffee breaks .

Capacity up to 100 people
Working hours from 12:00 to 23:00
Phone : +7 ( 4121 ) 91-22-55
Restaurant "Na Zaimke"We invite you to enjoy Russian and Far Eastern cuisine!
Once you are logged in, certainly you will be enchanted by the luxury and cozy atmosphere .
At the same time there are all , without which we can not conceive a pleasant stay .
The hospitality, impeccable service , extraordinary cuisine with a large selection of dishes , own production , extensive wine list and delicious desserts .

Capacity up to 150 people
Opening hours: around the clock
Phone : +7 ( 4121 ) 41-22-74
Lobby barThe lobby bar of the hotel " Riviera" offers guests to enjoy aromatic coffee , original desserts and cozy atmosphere .

Opening hours: around the clock
Water recreation complexWater recreation complex in "Riviera" housing is equipped with modern fitness equipment.
Our instructors will help you get acquainted with the machines.
You can use the services of a personal trainer, who will be for you the training program.
After a swim in the pool Cool off in the sauna, you will feel refreshed and to gain strength and energy!

Adults - 300 rubles (Mon-Fri), 500 rubles (Sat-Sun) Children up to 14 years - 200 rubles (Mon-Fri), 300 rubles (Sat-Sun). Pensioners from 8:00 to 11:00 (Mon-Fri), from 8:00 to 10:00 (Sat-Sun) - 180 rubles

Hours: daily from 8:00 to 22:00
Phone: +7 (4212) 91-22-66
Rental of sports equipmentFun for all ages - in the heart of the complex!
Velomobiles , bicycles , rollerblades , skates , badminton , ping pong , tennis, air hockey , mini - golf, a children's trampoline playground, multi-purpose sports court, children's parties , foam , fun starts . And, of course , always cheerful music and high spirits!
Camping zoneWhat could be better than barbecue outdoors ?
Our camping zone is offer warm houses with a barbecue on the river bank .

At your service:
* A warm house
Additional services:
* coal
* Tools for barbecue ( skewers , ignition etc. )
* Order meat for barbecue

Booking Cottage: 91-09-09, 91-77-77
INTERNETFree Wi-Fi throughout the hotel complex.
Services ParkingFree Parking for guests in the hotel complex.
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